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Each classic or witty imisi bracelet has a phrase that can express your thoughts, your feelings, your opinion. Choose the one that you want and just get on with your life. Have fun, think, run, talk, smile, work, love, travel but… look around!

Someone may have chosen an imisi bracelet with a phrase that matches yours. You can meet anywhere, randomly on the street, in the office, in a bar, even on a simple walk! Compare your phrases and if they match… you’ve just found your other half! A companion in friendship, in love, in fun, in the way of thinking.

If your phrases don’t match, you’ll be glad you met someone you might never have met otherwise. If, again, you already know the person with whom you would like to share this experience, all you have to do is to offer the imisi bracelet with the phrase that complements yours!

woman wearing imisi bracelets
women walking wearing imisi bracelets
women wearing imisi bracelets


Early last century, in the south of Greece there lived a woman known as the best nurse that had ever existed. Her name was Ariadne. She travelled constantly from town to town and from island to island, her mission being to help all women who wanted to start a family with her valuable knowledge and expertise in child birth. Her skills on the matter and her touching kindness made her very famous and very loved by all.

The myth says that, with her reputation spreading further and further over the years, many women started considering her a Godsend. That is, probably, the reason why everyone joyfully accepted an unusual habit she had: On the hand of each newborn she delivered to the world, she would fasten a colored ribbon, which she would then wrap around the wrist three times. She never said or explained why she would do that, but her wish to do it was respected by all. Many parents never removed the ribbon from their child’s hand, believing that good fortune would always accompany them, throughout their lives, by keeping it on.

Legend has it that, that many of these random children met during their adulthood while still having their ribbons tied around their wrists, making them believe that a common, good destiny or fate, had brought them together. Some ended up falling in love with each other and started their own families, some struck a bond of deep, true friendship, and some collaborated professionally leading to great successes. Either way, they all found their other half, making each other’s life better.